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Project-Based Management

  Executive Summary This report is a serious endeavor in order to critically analyze and discuss the Project Management Plan (PMP) document of the Home Security System (HSS) project, developed by the Department of Computer Engineering of Fatih University, Istanbul – Turkey in June 2003. The PMP is a document handed to a client or manager to explain how it is intended to manage the project from the initiation to completion phases throughout a project. A PMP is also a…

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Socio Legal Perspectives of Mass Communications

ASSIGNMENT 1 The Public’s right to know is a concept that would help to strengthen democracy. Discuss. No one said that democracy is easy. Balancing the individual’s right to privacy and the public’s right to know is a delicate operation. It may not be convenient; it may make tough decisions tougher, but meeting doors to public agencies must stay open as the public is best served when its government is open and gives the appearance that it eliminates all improprieties.…

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Marketing Principals

Task 1: Understand the concepts and process of Marketing Explain the various elements in the marketing process that the management should take into consideration when moving into marketing mobile phones. Your answer should be illustrated with relevant marketing concepts. (P1.1) Marketing is depends on identifying the exact need of the customer  that is not fulfilled by the competitors at present into the market or predict the future need of the customers and manufacture or provide product or service to satisfy…

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Motivation in school environment

Introduction This report is basically discussing about the importance of motivation in order to enhance the individual performances. Firstly, the report provides the introduction to motivation and further discussed about the difference between morning and evening person. Next the report discusses about the theories and types of motivation and how this motivation positively and negatively impact on human. Defining Motivation and Fundamentals Explain the concept of motivation by comparing five theorist’s definitions Motivation plays a critical role in human behaviors…

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