Project Management

Roots Global (Pvt) Ltd

  1. Introduction 1.1 Brief introduction about the company Roots Global (Pvt) Ltd is maintaining the famous ‘Roots’ brand in Sri Lanka. The head office of the organisation is situated in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The organisation is maintaining several linked branch island wide. Roots are known as elite juice bars which deliver much healthier lifestyle natural drinks to the Sri Lankan consumers. This elite juice bars would provide freshly squeezed juice, smoothies and ice cream sundaes. The products of Roots…

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Project-Based Management

  Executive Summary This report is a serious endeavor in order to critically analyze and discuss the Project Management Plan (PMP) document of the Home Security System (HSS) project, developed by the Department of Computer Engineering of Fatih University, Istanbul – Turkey in June 2003. The PMP is a document handed to a client or manager to explain how it is intended to manage the project from the initiation to completion phases throughout a project. A PMP is also a…

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Operation research

ABSTRACT In the current scenario, handling the cost of transportation has taken into major consideration when deciding the cost structure of an organization. The transportation models have developed during the Second World War & evaluated continuously. Through this study, the student is going to discuss what are the three methods, which can be used to find the initial basic solution. They are namely, “North West Corner, Least Cost & Vogel’s Approximation Method”. Since the cost is higher, initial solution is…

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