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Values, Principles and Goals

According to the Cambridge Dictionary (2016), Leadership is the set of characteristics that makes a good leader. Therefore a leader is a person who bears the ‘set of features that are expected from a leader’. All the leadership characteristics cannot be

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Learning from Transformational Experiences

  A leader or manager should be able to give due appreciation to its staff for the credible work they are doing (Collins 2005) Changes may happen in our lives in different forms. It may come through decimating catastrophe, troublesome decisions, broken connections or even new open opportunities. Experiences gained based on such changes provide an ability to start change and development in my organization. As a pioneer, I try to adjust the current structure and impact individuals to become…

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Reflection on learning leader

With time, the environments change and the working styles of people change too. So quick adherence to the changes in environment is vital for the success and this paper will address the learning requirements of the leaders. Learning leaders The leaders of a team or a company should be an example. They must be able to guile others through example. They must be willing to learn, able to handle uncertainties and most importantly, able to learn, able to facilitate foster…

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Reflection on the Meaning of Leadership

Leadership is called as the process of influencing the activities of an individual or a group in efforts toward goal achievement in a given situation (Hersey & Blanchard 1988). In every organization, managers play the role of leaders in achieving the organizational goals and objectives. In understanding the roles of the managers, one of the primary responsibilities of the Manager is to ensure the smooth run of the operations that are there in the company. In ensuring the smooth run…

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