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  1.0 Introduction Students who are with special needs are demonstrated learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Therefore, those students may face difficulties when they are learning at the class room with other children. Completion of the learning under the normal curriculum is a great challenge for them .As well the teachers also should perform an active role to educate these students. They will have to apply some strategies to educate the children with special needs. In this study it…

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Marketing Communication

BUILDING BRAND AWARENESS THROUGH MARKETING COMMUNICATION – Answer  Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 1 THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE AND ANALYSIS 2 Application of theory on Vogue Jeweller’s scenario 2 Importance of marketing communication 7 Process of developing a communication plan 7 Communication channels 9 Integrating marketing communication 9 Recommendations 9 CONCLUSION 10 References 10 List of figures Figure 1- SWOT analysis on Vogue Jewelers (Vogue Jewellers, 2019) 2 Figure 2- Porter’s five forces model (Porter, 2008) 3 Figure 3- Ansoff matrix (Ansoff, 2007)…

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Digital Marketing

Executive Summary This essay has focused on the role of digital marketing in contemporary businesses which highlights the importance of digital marketing compared to its limited disadvantages. The essay furthermore emphasizes how each online marketing, social media and mobile marketing which is considered to be sub components of digital strategies have influenced consumer behavior in general. Latter part of the essay elaborates how firms measure the effectiveness of the digital marketing effort formulated within.         The role…

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The Balanced Score Card (BSC)

Overview The Balanced Score Card is a framework introduced by Norton and Kaplan in 1992 to facilitate the companies with balancing different major and influential perspectives in both external and internal contexts. It concerns for four major perspectives and those perspectives are as follows; Financial Perspective Internal business perspective Customer perspective Learning and growth perspective Defining Balanced Score Card Since the introduction in 1992, the Balanced Score Card has been widely used by many organizations for its capability of enabling…

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