Human Resources

The impact of Job Satisfaction to Job Performance of the Banking Sector (Private) employees on its organizational Performance

The impact of Job Satisfaction to Job Performance of the Banking Sector (Private) employees on its organizational Performance Table of Contents 1. Literature Review on the Impact of job Satisfaction of Banking Employees on Job Performance 3 1.1. Importance of Job Satisfaction in the Banking Sector 3 1.2. Importance of Job Performance in the Banking Sector 4 1.3. Job Satisfaction of Banking Employees 6 1.4. Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance 8 1.5. Correlation Studies on the Relationship between…

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People and Organization

Executive Summary This report addresses the employee loyalty and related issues in Timex Garments Private Limited. Timex is one of the leading apparel manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. It has employed more than 10,000 employees in its seventeen manufacturing facilities. These employees include, young and talented employees, less educated but more experienced employees, foreign employees and old and less productive employees. Their perceptions and behaviours also vary and they pay loyalty to the company in diverse ways. However, several loyalty…

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Human resources

Comments for Answer 1 The answer of this student can be identified as a good effort since she has aimed in answering the expected areas of the activity. Accordingly, the student has discussed about the role of Human Resource Management (HRM), its link with strategic management and Organizational Behaviour (OB). Along with few scholarly explanations to these key targeted areas, she has presented her own perceptions and rationales, which are substantial. Thus, the student believes that HRM is a complex…

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Human resources management

Answer No 2 Top of Form Hi Everyone, Human Resource Management is technically defined as “effective and efficient utilization of human resources to achieve goals of an organization” (Opatha, 2016, page 7). We everyone is talking today about Human Resource Management (HRM) in our day to day activities. We say, every manager is a Human Resources Manager. Compare to the past, every single manager has a acceptable level of knowledge about Human Resource Manager. The Staff Managers take additional responsibilities…

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