Business decision making

Blue Wizard values

  1. Introduction Blue Wizard was a giant in the IT and Software field. At the initial stages they did not have high level of competition in the market and due to that Blue Wizard had a high market share. Blue Wizard did not think that they would fall apart due to the competition in the market. They were running the market as the market leader at the time and they did not have much of competition during the initial…

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Business Decision Making

  Introduction Kurunegala Plantations Limited is a government owned plantation Management Company operates in Kurunegala and Gampaha districts. The main role of the company is to manage the plantations in productively and profitably. According to the company ‘secondary data there are 80 divisions managed by the company. Each deviation has an Officer in charge (OIC) who overlooks the activities of the division with a workforce. The company has encountered a big problem to retain these OICC, therefore the company wanted…

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An impact of a decision made by the national government of Australia

Abstract Being concerned about the impact the banking system can have on the economy, every government takes special effort to protect and utilize the banking system towards the growth of the economy. Many countries have formulated special set of instructions, rule and regulations for the operation of the banking system in its economy and from establishment to operations, the system is closely monitored. Also, the central banks or the federal reserves of the economy are very vigilant about the activities…

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The Transport Engineering Division of Ascension PLC in 2012

  Introduction The report explains about the problems which were there in the Transport Engineering Division of Ascension PLC in 2012 and how they overcome those problems by appointing a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jak Wamer who was well-known for better change management strategies and process in the industry. Ascension PLC provides maintenance services of tracks, signaling, and transportation engineering services through its Transport Engineering Division (TED). Further, they undertakes large projects to improve the profitability. There were facing…

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