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AmBank Group and Axiata Group

Axiata Group – Telecommunications AmBank – Finance Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to analyse two public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia and the scope of their business operations. The discussion will be focused on the financial performance of these two companies chosen and their sources of finance will be analysed in in-depth. These sources of finance will be segregated into short term and long term finances and these will be compared in relation to the gearing ratios of…

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Nutrition in Lifecycle

Assignment – Adolescent Nutrition Adolescents are having a rapid growth and development period. It is called the critical period of an adolescent. So, they need a good nutrition to ensure better growth and development. The nutritional requirements of adolescents are influenced by the sprout of growth that occurs during the puberty. So, the nutritional needs of an individual person vary to one another. The food intake changes by the gender, environmental conditions, psychological status and economic status also. The food…

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Analysis of Business Ethics in Winterquilts Private Limited, Sri Lanka

Executive Summary Winterquilts is recognized as the pioneer in Sri Lankan apparel industry, which has created the foundation for leading apparel manufacturers such as MAS Holdings, Paradigm Clothing, Veera Fashions etc. Winterquilts operates with more than 3000 employees in three main production facilities located in Hingurakgoda, Lankapura and Kalutara and all the service operations and secondary operations are handled by the Corporate Head Office situated in Dehiwala. Even though current Sri Lankan apparel manufacturing industry consists with several market leaders…

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Analyze the current organizational structure of Winterquilts

Executive Summary As the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer to the Winterquilts Private Limited, the purpose of undertaking this case study is to analyze the current organizational structure of Winterquilts and to review its drawbacks and presenting suggestions for enhancing organizational productivity as well as employees’ productivity. Among all other resources, human resource vital for Winterquilts, since there is a high competition in Sri Lankan labour market for the well qualified people and Winterquilts is competing with Brandix, MAS, Hirdaramani,…

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