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Hardware Implementation of a long tail pair.

EE559 – Integrated Analog Electronic Circuits Mini Project Electronics laboratory   OBJECTIVE: To become familiarize with designing a long tail pair for given parameters. To implement the hardware setup for long tail pair. To observe the characteristics of the implemented long tail pair. -Maximum undistorted output swing. -DC voltage gain. -Common mode rejection ratio. -3dB bandwidth. APPARATUS: SSM2212 SMD dual transistors (2 ICs) 680 Ohm 1206 SMD resistors 1.8 kOhm 1206 SMD resistors 6.8 kOhm 1206 SMD resistors CIRCUIT DIAGRAM:…

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Discussion on Jane Eyre

Human beings are a type of social animals who search to improve the well-being of their own. While many things collocate the betterment of the people physically, religion adjusts the spiritual development. To make the concept of religion as a

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