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Business decision making

Executive Summary The Manufacturing Plant selected was the in Rathmalana, where wet processing and finishing services are offered to all Brax garments. Their operations process was analyzed from the point of receiving garments,

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financial management

  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this assignment is to identify different financial management concepts such as Ratio analysis, Investment appraisal techniques and financial theories. Based on these concepts investors, individuals and businesses will able to making their investment and day to day decisions. Here there will a section, it will get discuss about stock investments. As we knowledge seekers and investors we exactly should know whether the current economic situation is good for purchase stocks or sell stocks. Therefore…

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managing communication knowledge and information

Introduction M College is tertiary education and training institute established by the Chairmen of M Group, Hon.            to provide educational opportunities to the citizens of Maldives at their convenience. With the aim, M College began its historic journey on the 28th of January 2007, with the registration of its first institute.M College of Water Sports  followed by the M Institute of Information and Technology and M Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (VIHTS). By the consistent…

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