As highlighted in Chapter 02, GHRM has started playing a very important part in many organizations. According to the traditional human resource the focus has been only in employees and creating a friendly working environment to enhance their performances. But according to GHRM, the focus becomes wider. It focuses more on environment, social and economy while giving importance to employees in the organization. Understanding the importance of moving from traditional HRM procedures to GHRM procedures, the author conducted the study in order to have an understanding on how certain factors will be impacting the new concept in Y bank .

According to the data gathered, the majority of the participants were within the age limits of 25-35 years, where most of them held degrees. Further most of the participants have been with the organization for a period of 1-2 years. This sort of indicated that the experience that they have is quite limited in the organization. Further the organization stands better opportunities in introducing environmental friendly processes with the employees in this age group, as they like to be recognized as environmental lovers. Therefore the organization will be able to work closely with these employees as they will have a better understanding on the importance of GHRM.

According to the data collected in relation to identify the relationship between the variables it was seen that more importance was given to training and development in relation to GHRM compared with the other two factors which was taken into consideration. Therefore this highlights that the organization needs to pay attention to training and development in introducing GHRM to the organization. The findings relating to each of the variable will be discussed in the following.

5.1.1 Green recruitment:

Recruitment plays a very important part in the HRM of any organization. Using this variable the author wanted to identify to what extent green recruitment will play an important role in the organization’s performances compared with the current system. The correlation analysis clearly highlighted a negative relationship between the two variables. This was an indication of green recruitment is not going to pay an important part in the organization’s performances.

Recruitment is where the organization is selecting the correct candidates for the available vacancies. In this process Y bank will need to pay more attention to the abilities and skills of the candidates rather than focusing on the ability of the candidates being able to get adapted to an environmental friendly working environment.

Therefore according to the data collected it can be seen that the participants believe green recruitment will not be having a great positive impact on the organization’s performances. Hence in introducing GHRM to the company, the company will not have to pay a lot of attention to green recruitment. This can be considered after GHRM is been introduced instead of the present traditional HRM system and once this become a cultural part of the organization.

5.1.2 Green Training and Development:

This variable showed a positive relationship with the company performances. Using this factor, the author wanted to identify how the green training and development can make the impact in enhancing the organizational development. In the event that a company is introducing a new concept it is important to conduct trainings to ensure that they are comfortable with the new changes. Further this gives an opportunity for the employees to have a better understanding on how things are happening at the present in the organization and how the new systems will impact the organization in the future and how it will enhance the performances of the company. In addition, the employees will also get to know the part that they have to play in the process and how it will impact them in their career development.

The positive relationship highlighted, that the employees believe that in introducing GHRM, training and development plays a very effective role. In Part III of the questionnaire it is highlighted by many employees that this is a new concept. When the concept is new, the understanding that the employees have on the subject matter will be very limited. Therefore if the trainings are not conducted effectively it will impact on the expected outcome of GHRM.

Therefore the company in implementing GHRM to the organization will have to have a clearly constructed training program that will be discussing the importance of GHRM with the employees. Further all the employees will need to be gone under proper training and development program for the GHRM to be successful. Further in addition all the other trainings should also include components of that discuss the importance of GHRM in order to create a supportive culture for the changes in the organization. Therefore the organization will need to develop a training and development program schedule. The company can segregate the programs into three stages,

  1. Initial
  2. Secondary
  3. Ongoing

The initial training programs should be where it focuses mainly on highlighting the importance of GHRM. At this stage the training programs should be conducted very openly where the employees will get the opportunity in openly discussing the areas which is unclear. It should be creating learning opportunities for the employees. This is a very important stage as the organization will get to gain the support through letting the employees know the importance of GHRM and get to attract the employees to have an interest on the subject. The company will have to conduct training analysis in order to identify the gaps which need to be improved in the second stage.

In the secondary stage, the company will conduct the training after identifying the gaps from the first stage. These trainings will focus more on identifying how comfortable the employees have got with the implementation of GHRM. This will enable to identify how comfortable the employees have been so far and what they expect in the future. Therefore at this stage the trainings should be conducted focusing on advancing the impact through GHRM.

Ongoing is where the company will implement parts of GHRM on the current other training programs. These training programs will not specifically on GHRM, but will discuss elements of GHRM. It is important that the organization discuss these at all possible occasions in order to create the supporting environment to make this a success.

5.1.3 Green Employee Involvement

Getting the employees involved in this journey is important for Y bank . But according to the data collected it can be seen that there is a negative relationship between employee involvement and organization’s performances. According to the literature collected the employee involvement has the ability to increase the organization’s performance. But in this case it does not seem to be giving the support that is required. It is important to understand that without employees having the correct understanding of GHRM, they will not know how to get them involved in the activities. In this study it was clear that the employees have a very limited knowledge on GHRM. Therefore before they get involved in GHRM activities it will be important to conduct trainings to give the knowledge and the understanding that is required.

Hence the management will need to identify that before focusing on green recruitment and getting employees involved the employees should be taken through a proper training and development program to introduce the whole concept. Therefore the actions can be taken in relation to the variables discussed as follows.

StageAction TakenExpected Outcome
Stage 01Green Training and DevelopmentThis should be the initial action taken by the organization. This will allow the employees to have a clear and a strong understanding on the concept of GHRM and how this will impact the organization’s performance going forward.

This will encourage the employees to give the support that is required in making the implementation of GHRM a success in Y bank .

Stage 02Green Employee InvolvementOnce the trainings are been conducted successfully then the organization should focus on getting the employees involved in the activities. After the trainings the employees will have the understanding required in identifying why the activities are conducted and the expected outcome. This will enable the organization to get the employees actively involved and the process will have a positive impact on the organization’s performances.
Stage 03Green Employee RecruitmentThrough green employee recruitment the company will mostly be focusing on the external parties. Therefore before carrying out the message of the organization is practicing GHRM to potential employees, the current employees will need to be given a good understanding so that the message carried out to the external parties will be much stronger.

Therefore the management should focus in green recruitment once the concept of GHRM becomes a part of the organizational culture.

The study highlights the importance of following this step by step approach rather than focusing on all elements at once. This approach will allow the company to create a strong workforce that can perform under the changes implemented and further this allows the organization to face future challenges by creating competitive advantage.

5.2 Comparison with the Literature

In this section it will be discussed how the literature has supported the relationship between the variables that was discussed in chapter 02. It will be important to critically analyze these findings with literature in order to identify the similarities and the differences along with the reasoning’s for such gaps.

5.2.1 Green Employee Recruitment

Green employee recruitment according to Opatha (2013) will need to be reflected in the messages that the organization uses in the process of recruitment. According to the data collected it is highlighted that at the initial stages the green recruitment will not be making a massive impact on the implementation stage. The company can focus on carrying out the message after successfully implementing GHRM in the organization.

5.2.2 Green Training and Development

As highlighted by Tareq Fayed Obaid & Rosima bte .Alias (2015), training and development in relation with GHRM will allow the employees to have a different aspect with regard to the importance of environmental management. The results from the study indicate that the training and development plays an important part in the initial stage of the implementation. Therefore it can be highlighted that as per the literature the employees will get the opportunity of having a wider understanding of the importance of environmental management and that organizations will get to link this with enhancing the performance.

5.2.3 Green Employee Involvement

According to Ahamed (2015), it is clear that through employee involvement in relation to green initiatives the company performance can be improved. But the results of the study highlights that there is a negative relationship in the current organizational context. Therefore in the initial stage where the green initiatives are been introduced, the company should not focus on getting employees involved. This is mainly because as highlighted by the employees they are not familiar with this and would require proper understanding.

As highlighted by the results, if the company gets the employees involved without giving a proper understanding and knowledge in relation to the green initiatives this can negatively impact the company performances. Hence even though the literature indicates the importance of getting employees involved, the Y bank should not be focusing on this at the implementation stage. Instead the company can look at employee involvement at later stages in order to make the process more successful.

5.3 Recommendations

The study was conducted in order to identify how the GHRMpractices will impact the performance of Y bank in Sri Lanka. The findings highlight that the company will need to look at this new implementation with care as many employees are not well aware of this new concept. When the concept is new to an organization it will be important to get the employees first familiar with this in order to make the required changes.

Therefore the company can focus on implementing the eight step change model that was introduced by Kotter (1997), in order to make this new implementation more successful.

StepsElementsImplication to Y bank
01Establish Urgency
  • The management should inform all employees and communicate to them on the importance of moving from the traditional HRM to GHRM and make them understand the positives related to the whole process.
02Create Guiding Coalition
  • The company should get the heads of each departments involved in the process to guide and lead the employees. This will be much easier when the situation is managed collectively the process will be implemented more effectively.
03Develop Vision
  • The organization should develop a vision in relation to GHRM that will enable the employees to have a clear direction towards making changes in the company.
04Communicate Change Vision
  • Communication is the most important part of the entire process. By effectively communicating the vision with the employees the bank will get to make employees understand, what the organization is expecting by making the relevant changes.
05Empower Broad Based Action
  • This is where the company will have to focus on conducting trainings and identify the gaps that are there in relation to implementing the new process. Further the company will also need to focus on the other resources that are required in order to make GHRM successful in the organization.
06Create Short Term Wins
  • This is where the company should be focusing on getting employees involved in the green initiatives and rewarding them for their performances. by recognizing the performances it will encourage the employees to implement what they have learnt during the trainings into practice.
07Consolidate Gains
  • The department heads should continuously monitor the performance of the employees and identify the areas which restrict them from performing with GHRM and provide solutions. And further by continuously monitoring and discussing with employees, the organization will get to enhance the performance through GHRM.
08Anchor New Approaches in Culture
  • It is important for the company to continuously highlight the importance of GHRM being implemented in the organization, in order for the employees to make it a part of their working culture.

Therefore by using this methodical approach the company will be able to gain more positive impact from the implementation of green HRM compared to the traditional HRM. This method further allows the organization to follow an effective monitoring and controlling system and to identify gaps and to take action immediately.

5.4 Area for Further Research

With the several limitations the author had to ensure that the study was done on time. Therefore there can be instances where certain areas have been missed out and that impact the final results of the study. Therefore in gaining more accurate results in relation to the study the research should be expanded and more time should be taken.

In conducting this study the author has considered only 30 executives from the company. Further it can also be seen from the results that the majority of these executives have been with the organization for 1-2 years. Hence it will be important to take a larger sample size to create more accuracy in the results. In selecting the samples the author can also consider including employees of different levels to see how they would response to implementing GHRM in the organization. Having an idea how employees of different level would react can have a better impact in the process of implementation.

Time permitting, the author in the future can focus on conducting the research with each department of the organization. This will be much interesting as the study will be able to highlight the views of different departments. In addition this will allow identifying how the training programs will need to be customized according to the different views of the different departments. This will be a productive approach in making the implementation of GHRM more successful in the organization.

The author can also look at other variables that impact the firm moving towards taking more green initiatives. Therefore it will allow the organization to have a wider understanding on other factors that impact the performance through GHRM. Hence without limiting the factors the author should focus on a wider perspective which will allow the organization to take better initiative plans.

Therefore it can be seen that there are several other options that the organization can follow in conducting the same research. Focusing on the time required and the other resources that is needed the author can look at expanding the research as highlighted above in order to gain more accurate results and to have a better understanding on the impact that GHRM can create on the performance of the organization.

5.5 Conclusion

According to the research conducted it can be seen that the training and development in relation to GHRM plays a very important part in the implementation stage in Y bank . In addition it will be needed for the organization to identify the other factors that will be impacting the green initiatives. The findings highlighted that in the initial stages, recruitment and employee involvement does not have a positive impact on the organizational performance in relation to green initiatives.

But the literature collected highlights that the company can create a positive impact through recruitment and employee involvement. The company will need to identify as discussed previously the correct stages where the recruitment and employee involvement will need to be managed effectively in enhancing the impact on organizational performance through green human resource management. As it can be seen GHRM have already started playing a very important part in the global organizations. Hence the same impact can be created through carefully studying the best methods in implementing the same at Y bank in Sri Lanka.