Human Resources


Executive Summary. The purpose this report is analyze the business environment in the banking industry. A business organization cannot exist a vacuum. It needs living persons, natural resources and places and things to exist. The sum of all these factors and forces is called the business environment. Hence to any kind of business organization, business environment is very important. The internal environmental factors and external environmental factors are going to discuss through this report. So another important thing id market…

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Business Decision Making

  Introduction Kurunegala Plantations Limited is a government owned plantation Management Company operates in Kurunegala and Gampaha districts. The main role of the company is to manage the plantations in productively and profitably. According to the company ‘secondary data there are 80 divisions managed by the company. Each deviation has an Officer in charge (OIC) who overlooks the activities of the division with a workforce. The company has encountered a big problem to retain these OICC, therefore the company wanted…

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Observe with reference to Mr. Bamunusinghe’s research

Q.1.Which of the seven people centered practices discussed at the beginning of this chapter play a role in this case? Explain. The bellow mentioned seven people-centered practices are defined for the successful companies in the world. Let’s observe these with reference to Mr. Bamunusinghe’s research: Provide employment security – Employment security is defined as any organization reduces the fear of layoff or fire from job for its employees. This lessening of fear of being fired from employment is called Employment…

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Communication practices

Task 02 Communication practices 1.1 Benefits of effective communication at Century Ltd. Effective communication at Century Ltd will help to improve employee morale, healthy and friendly work environment and keep employees update with new decisions. Effective work place communication will help to avoid cultural confusion and miscommunication with the employees those who come work from different cultures, religions, languages and backgrounds. Effective communication will support to form efficient teams where employees will work together harmoniously, become more productive, responsible, accountable…

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