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Socio Legal Perspectives of Mass Communications

ASSIGNMENT 1 The Public’s right to know is a concept that would help to strengthen democracy. Discuss. No one said that democracy is easy. Balancing the individual’s right to privacy and the public’s right to know is a delicate operation. It may not be convenient; it may make tough decisions tougher, but meeting doors to public agencies must stay open as the public is best served when its government is open and gives the appearance that it eliminates all improprieties.…

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Motivation in school environment

Introduction This report is basically discussing about the importance of motivation in order to enhance the individual performances. Firstly, the report provides the introduction to motivation and further discussed about the difference between morning and evening person. Next the report discusses about the theories and types of motivation and how this motivation positively and negatively impact on human. Defining Motivation and Fundamentals Explain the concept of motivation by comparing five theorist’s definitions Motivation plays a critical role in human behaviors…

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Leadership and Administration Abilities

  Introduction Leadership and administration abilities and styles have been the most begging to be proven wrong point in late history. Numerous individuals have concocted new speculations about leadership styles and abilities. There are numerous books composed on this subject however none of them has come to a typical style. The styles rely upon the circumstance display around then. So for the great leaders/supervisor it is critical to display distinctive styles for various circumstances. Key Management is likewise a vital…

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Nutrition in Lifecycle

Assignment – Adolescent Nutrition Adolescents are having a rapid growth and development period. It is called the critical period of an adolescent. So, they need a good nutrition to ensure better growth and development. The nutritional requirements of adolescents are influenced by the sprout of growth that occurs during the puberty. So, the nutritional needs of an individual person vary to one another. The food intake changes by the gender, environmental conditions, psychological status and economic status also. The food…

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