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Introduction Company History Commencing operations in 1993, Mobitel was one of the foremost mobile service providers in Sri Lanka, beginning operations using first generation cellular technology – Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS)/ Time division multiple access (TDMA).   In October 2002, Mobitel became a fully owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom. In the following years Mobitel grew from strength to strength, launching its fully-fledged EDGE/GPRS enabled 2.5G GSM network, which is designed to operate on dual band in 2004. Mobitel…

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Analysis of HCM Practices

1. Introduction 1.1Company Profile Sahasra Entrepreneurial Resources Limited is a professional service based organization which was incorporated in 2012. They themselves introduce them as most professional and Buddhist Company which practices Buddhist ideologies. Sahasra is the parent company and the associate companies of SahasraEntreprenial Resources can be stated as follows, Colombo Consultants Colombo Investment Platform (private) Limited Ceylon Venture Capital (Private) Limited Samudra Business Holdings (Private) Limited Ceylon Corporate Secretaries (Private) Limited The head office is situated in 70/2/3A, 2nd…

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Nutrition in Lifecycle

Assignment – Adolescent Nutrition Adolescents are having a rapid growth and development period. It is called the critical period of an adolescent. So, they need a good nutrition to ensure better growth and development. The nutritional requirements of adolescents are influenced by the sprout of growth that occurs during the puberty. So, the nutritional needs of an individual person vary to one another. The food intake changes by the gender, environmental conditions, psychological status and economic status also. The food…

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Analysis of Business Ethics in Winterquilts Private Limited, Sri Lanka

Executive Summary Winterquilts is recognized as the pioneer in Sri Lankan apparel industry, which has created the foundation for leading apparel manufacturers such as MAS Holdings, Paradigm Clothing, Veera Fashions etc. Winterquilts operates with more than 3000 employees in three main production facilities located in Hingurakgoda, Lankapura and Kalutara and all the service operations and secondary operations are handled by the Corporate Head Office situated in Dehiwala. Even though current Sri Lankan apparel manufacturing industry consists with several market leaders…

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