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Preparation of Contract

Preparation of Contract International Law and Business Ethics course Part 1 The agreement between two (bilateral) or more parties (multilateral) upon certain specified terms in trading or other activities leads to the formation

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People and Organization – MAS

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The turbulent and complex working environment in today’s world has uplifted the requirements of being highly competitive and customer oriented. As far as the term “Survival”is concern the validity of the above requirements are

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Business Environment

Executive Summery The purpose of this assignment is to identify different economic and business environment concepts such as different types of organization, different market structures, different economic systems, and so on. From that concepts the owners, investors and others will able to making their investment and day to day decisions. For this report as a telecommunication company in the UK we selected BT organization. BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in…

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