A leader or manager should be able to give due appreciation to its staff for the credible work they are doing (Collins 2005)

Changes may happen in our lives in different forms. It may come through decimating catastrophe, troublesome decisions, broken connections or even new open opportunities. Experiences gained based on such changes provide an ability to start change and development in my organization. As a pioneer, I try to adjust the current structure and impact individuals to become tied up with another vision and new conceivable outcomes and attempt to utilize power and energy to rouse and spur individuals to trust and take after the guidelines. Be that as it may, there are likewise potential risks coming about because of the capable impact of transformational changes. Anyway, as a transformational leader, I should give new bearing, new motivation, and new practices to my organization. But to be a successful leader I should be prepared for the unexpected situations and it should always be a step ahead.

Leaders should give their attention to their followers. Actually, without the support of followers, Leader will not able to do anything. I know very well the importance of stimulating and inspiring the followers. There exist my personal experience where I was a newly joined employee to the organization and was struggling to cope up with the work load. I was fed up of the organization and was contemplating on resigning. That’s when my manager called me to his room and initiated a friendly chat with me, where in the end I was totally into his kindness and charisma. He was in middle age at that time and was kindly discussing with me about my issues in the organization like a father. He made me aware that there exists a thing called office politics in the work places and asked me to face such things strongly. His discussion really motivated me as he was such humble and honest to talk to me even disregarding the fact that he is the senior manager and I am just a newly joined employee. His guidance and advices made a huge impact on me that I felt I am belonged to the organization which subsequently made me work with more enthusiasm. In other words, I was motivated and thereafter I worked more efficiently. This was a transformational style of the leadership. Therefore, I personally know how important it is the leader’s involvement to make people motivated. It will help to achieve organizational goals and objectives as we planned, develop follower’s leadership skills and abilities by my experience.

And also as a manager, I am concerning for personnel development and their career development. So if my followers are sophisticated and motivated, it will help me to do transformational changes without any matters and issues. As a leader, I should concentrate not only on developing my subordinates but I should also gain many skills on transactional experience as well as critical incidents. Then only the subordinates would respect and follow what I would preach.

Transformational leadership can make people achieve even the things that first appear unachievable. It is clearly evident from my own incident. Therefore I am eager to be known as a transformational leader who could change the lives towards the positivity. Ultimately it can be said that transformational leadership skills are creating experienced leaders with future-oriented goals.


Collins, J., (2005) ‘Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve’, Harvard Business Review, vol.83, no.7, pp.136-146.