Human Resources

Analyze the current organizational structure of Winterquilts

Executive Summary As the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer to the Winterquilts Private Limited, the purpose of undertaking this case study is to analyze the current organizational structure of Winterquilts and to review its drawbacks and presenting suggestions for enhancing organizational productivity as well as employees’ productivity. Among all other resources, human resource vital for Winterquilts, since there is a high competition in Sri Lankan labour market for the well qualified people and Winterquilts is competing with Brandix, MAS, Hirdaramani,…

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A Study on Employee Turnover and its Effects on Business Performance of ABC Bank in Sri Lanka

A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE TURNOVER OF ABC BANK IN SRI LANKA Acknowledgement I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mr.           , my research supervisor, for his patient guidance, enthusiastic encouragement and useful critiques and advices of this research work. I would also like to thank to       for his advice and assistance in keeping my progress on schedule as my course coordinator. Deepest gratitude is also due to the teaching faculty of   …

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A critical analysis of high staff turnover at ABC Bank PLC

1. Introduction 1.1 Brief introduction about the organisation ABC Bank PLC is listed as one of the fast growing banking company in Sri Lanka and the organisation has a high level of market capitalisation. The bank is offering various banking services to both public and corporate parties to suit their financial needs. The vision of the organisation to become the innovator of the banking solutions. The vision of the bank is mainly focusing on the small and medium enterprises and…

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Understand the features of successful business teams 1.1 Describe the characteristics of successful business teams Team is a group of people with different characteristics and different skills together enable to achieve specific objective and goals (Michan and Rodger, 2000). According to the group type and skills consist the objective of the group also will differ. Successful teams generate the synergy effect hence overall team’s members output will increase due to the team work compared to the individual performance (Michan and…

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