Managing financial Resources & Decision

Aims of the Assignment- Business organization makes use of financial resources to support their activities or transactions on regular basis. Finance is such resource that is limited in nature and must get utilized in effective manner. Proper planning is always needed to make adequate and get maximum use of it. Different sources are available to gather the finance for business purpose but it raise debt ratio for organization. Financial planning and budgeting is use for the purpose of using existing…

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The Digital Home of the Future

Introduction Company History Commencing operations in 1993, Mobitel was one of the foremost mobile service providers in Sri Lanka, beginning operations using first generation cellular technology – Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS)/ Time division multiple access (TDMA).   In October 2002, Mobitel became a fully owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom. In the following years Mobitel grew from strength to strength, launching its fully-fledged EDGE/GPRS enabled 2.5G GSM network, which is designed to operate on dual band in 2004. Mobitel…

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AmBank Group and Axiata Group

Axiata Group – Telecommunications AmBank – Finance Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to analyse two public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia and the scope of their business operations. The discussion will be focused on the financial performance of these two companies chosen and their sources of finance will be analysed in in-depth. These sources of finance will be segregated into short term and long term finances and these will be compared in relation to the gearing ratios of…

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EC Trading Strategies

1. Introduction Humans have improved their status among the other species in the world, because of their intelligence. From many centuries people have developed their abilities, skills and knowledge and today the humans have the highest technology ever on the face of the earth. Today the modern science is trying to replicate the human’s intelligence to a machine. Scientists are conducting various researches to implement cognitive abilities and skills to the machines. That study field is identified as the artificial…

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