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Understand the features of successful business teams 1.1 Describe the characteristics of successful business teams Team is a group of people with different characteristics and different skills together enable to achieve specific objective and goals (Michan and Rodger, 2000). According to the group type and skills consist the objective of the group also will differ. Successful teams generate the synergy effect hence overall team’s members output will increase due to the team work compared to the individual performance (Michan and…

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Dhammika Perera – Richest person in Sri Lanka

Sometime back the world renown Forbes magazine had revealed that the richest man in Sri Lanka at present as Dhammika Perera. Dhammika is the biggest shareholder in companies such as Hayleys, Sampath Bank, Pan Asia Bank, Royal Ceramics and a number of other companies and had reached this level because of his cleverness in investing at the right time in the right place. He did not become rich because of his luck. It was a process which was launched in…

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A Study on Hayleys PLC

Executive Summary   This report is a study on how Hayleys PLC, a Sri Lankan conglomerate of companies, which had evolved over time in facing challenges of the external environment by adapting internal management practices.

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