This report explains about the Human Resource Management Practices at Infotainment Group of Companies. The author initially provides brief explanation about the company and then the author explains the approaches used by the Infotainment group of companies in managing human resources. Then the author evaluates the recruitment process of Infotainment Group of companies and suggest improvements to the existing process. Further, the author evaluates the way in which the entity develop its human resources and suggests improvements to the existing approach. In addition to the above areas the author assess the possible motivational theories that can be used at Infotainment group of companies to satisfy its employees and obtaining higher output from them. Finally, the author discuss of the possible role of leaders and leadership style required to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Infotainment group.


Infotainment Group of companies operate in the information, media and technology industry. They have four subsidiary companies under their group at the moment and they have planned to expand their business in future. They have planned to enter in to construction and hospitality in 2018/ 2019 financial year. Infologix Private Limited, Electronic Ventures Private Limited, Star Club Private Limited and Sky Media Network Private Limited. Infogix Private Limited provides digital marketing services. Electronic venture Private Limited develops websites for corporate or companies. Star club is a booking site where customers can book hotels and resorts through star club’s websites and through those bookings they earn commission income. Sky Media Network Private Limited has radio channels and they broadcast them all over the country. They have three radio FM channels and which namely known as Sitha FM, Red FM and Tamil Fm. They mainly generate on air advertising revenue through these FM’s.

Human resource is one of the important resources that businesses should have with them in order to be competitive in the market. Human resources are different from other physical resources since human resources are capable of thinking and through their thinking ability they bring innovations to the world. Innovation is one of the key sources which bring sustainable competitive advantage to the business and this will in turn put other market players backward. Therefore, the Human Resource Management should carefully focus on its key functions to make sure the business has recruited right person or employees and sufficiently train and develop them to deliver the output the which the business want to outperform its competitors in the market place. In this report the author uses the key functions of human resources to analyse the approach of the company in managing human resources. Further, the author critically evaluates the role of selection and recruitment in developing strategic human resources. In addition to these the author explains the importance of human resources development and ways in which could be improved. Finally, author explains the possible motivation theories that can be used to encourage the employees to deliver the best outcome that the business need and types of leaders required to direct the human resources and the company in the right track.

Human Resource Management Approaches.

Human Resource Management Approaches at Infotainment group of companies can be analyzed through the human resource management functions which are used by the Human Resource Department at Infotainment group of companies. Human Resources refers to includes skills, capabilities and efforts of people who work for an organization (Joshi, 2013). Human Resource Management is treated as a set of policies, practices and systems that positively or negatively influences the performance or behaviour and attitude of the people who work for the organization and this assist to improve the competitiveness and learning capacity of the employees (Gomes, Cunha, Rego, Cunha, Cabral-Cardoso and Marques, 2008;). Further, According to Dias (2011), Human resource management (HRM) is the process of hiring or employing human resources, training those employed staffs, developing human resource policies, compensating the employed people and developing to strategies to sustain the employed staffs with the organization for longer period. Human resources management the functions which are performed in organizations that helps the employer to get maximum use from the employees (Ivancevich, J.M. and Lee Soo Hoon, 2002). Further, according to the Dias (2011), functions or roles of human resource management includes staffing (recruitment and selection), development of work place policies, compensation management, retention, training and development, dealing with laws related to human resources, assessing work performance of staffs and creating good and safe work environment for people to work.

The Human Resource Department at Infotainment group of companies use the key functions of human resource management to manage its human resources. As the author mentioned above the function of human resource management includes staffing, training and development, performance evaluation and creating safe work place to work by having proper legal system and grievance handling system at the organization. The Infotainment develop a proper a staffing plan which enable them to how many people they need to hire and for which division the entity need to hire people. Prior to develop this particular plan the HR department does a HR audit for all the divisions in the company and through which identify the shortages or surplus for staffs in the divisions of the company. First they try to identify excess staffs in one division and try to transfer the particular staff or set of staffs to the division which need staffs, if those staffs have right set of skills and experience with them. If they do not have sufficient staffs internally, they will then try to hire staff through advertising Cv.lk and topjob. Once they receive CVs from candidates they go through the Cvs and shortlisted right set of people and call them for series of interviews and if those candidates managed to convince or impress the interviewers and people who have the required skills and talents will be selected for the job. In recruiting staffs, human resources department clearly communicates the terms and conditions related to the employment and expect them to comply with those pre-stated terms and conditions to ensure the work discipline in the work place during their employment at Infotainment Group of companies.

The company design a detail and efficient training program to train the employees and to make them as efficient workers during their employment. Prior to design the training program they identify the training requirement and identify training gap (if any) and efficiently implement their training program and efficient way. The company treat this function as one of the key functions of human resources management since an employee with right set of skills and the talent requires the proper training and development program to groom himself or herself in the work environment. In addition to that, the companies can gain more services from the particular employees who will be developed and trained through their training and development programs and which will in turn enhance the sources of competitive advantages for the company. After training and development program employees who are subject to such programs will be monitored to check whether are there any improvement in their performance after the training program, if that not is the case, they re-consider the quality of their training program and improve it immediately. Through proper training and development program the company managed to enhance the efficiency of the business and it has assisted them to improve the performance of the employees.

Performance evaluation is a systematic method of assessing the performance of employees or contribution made by the employees toward the success of the business. Performance evaluation is an important function since it important develop training program, in determining salary increment for employees, in promoting employees and it assists to assess the quality of performance of employees. At Infotainment for each department they have assigned qualitative and quantitative targets or objectives. The HR department compare their actual performance with the set targets and if they find any significant negative variance, they warn and advice their employees to improve its performance. In contrast, if they identify any positive variance then the particular employees will be given the right rewards for their performance. In addition these key functions of Human Resource Management at Infotainment they also have proper work environment where employees are given freedom to make decision and to progress with in a limit and they have sound compensation & grievance handling system. All these have assisted the management to manage their employees in an efficient manner and have helped them to direct their staffs on right track.

Recruitment and Selection in Strategic Human Resource Management.

Strategic Human Resource Management is a practice of recurting people, developing people, rewarding them and retaining them with the business organization in order to ensure the overall productivity of the organization. The Human Resource Department should isolated when they practice strategic management in their organization. The Human Resource Department should work together with other departments in the business organization and should understand their requirements and the nature of operation prior to develop strategies. Human resource management functions must be efficiently and effectively used to achieve overall objective or goal of the organization. The business need to develop plans related to human resource management must be based on the goals and objectives of the organization. Further, human resource department should evaluate all other divisions in the organization should identify the weaknesses and strengths of those departments then they role of strategic human resource management is to use human resource techniques and strategies to improve the overall quality of the human resource management practices at the organization. Strategic Human Resource management normally starts with identification of need or requirement of the organization.

Recruitment and selection is key in strategic human resource management and therefore businesses should consider the risk which associate with the recruitment and selection of people to the organization. The company should have flexible and consistent recruitment policy in the business. Infotainment Group of companies have such flexible and well-organized recruitment policy. They look for internal divisions first and they understand the resources availability and employee profile of each division in the business and if they identify any excess in their internal division and if those excess employees have right skills and talents they will transfer them to another division which requires human resource. This is cost effective and less time consuming approach since they do not have to advertise in the papers and websites.

Further, internal recruitment policy eliminates need of training and development for that selected employees and this also save their time and minimize the cost of managing human resources at infotainment group of companies. They will not be able to hire people who have new creative ideas and views to the business under internal recruitment policy and when the human resource management ignore few people who work in internal division may feel that their service have not been considered and valued by the management. Such attitude may have an adverse impact on the work place harmony. Therefore, it is important for the Infotainment to have proper common basis to select people internally. They may consider to technical exams and practical demonstration based on that they can select required people in order to perform the job and this will not have an adverse impact on the work place harmony. If they do not have people who have the skills and competencies which required to perform the particular job in internal division, they advertise in the paper and websites. Here they have to go in formal recruitment process and this will take considerable time to select the right candidate for the particular job position. However, by hiring people from outside the organization the can get new people who have different vision and talents to the organization and due to that they will be able to add value to the organization and can improve the overall productivity of the organization. The people who are in charge for recruiting people should always focus on recruiting right candidate or people who are totally fit for the organization and people who are fit enough to contribute to the success of the organization.

Selection is another step in human resource management which significantly contributes to the success of the organization. If they fail to select the right candidate through their recruitment and selection techniques, that will have a serious impact on the overall efficiency of the business. In selecting right candidates the organization must look for technical knowledge, personalities, attitude and other inter personal skills must be considered prior to select a candidate for the organization.

To assess these mentioned factors they can use aptitude tests and other tests to check the soft skills of the candidates and for this purpose they can use presentation. Further, it is important to assess the existing workforce at infotainment in order to understand the profile of employees and after this audit they will be able to identify low performing employees and the exceptional performers at infotainment and they can arrange special strategies to improve the performance of low performing employees in order improve the performance of them to achieve objectives of strategic human resource management to achieve goal of the Infotainment. Further, the Infotainment can promote the exceptional performers and give additional responsibilities in order to improve the overall performance of the business.

Human Resource Development Approaches at Infotainment.

Success of business organization significantly depend on the overall efficiency of the business and the efficiency of the business depends on the way in which the employees perform their duties in the work place or work environement. Employee’s performance can be improved through properly designed and well-structured training and development program. With the development of technologies and changes in the business environment methods of performing jobs have been changed significantly and the most of the business need to automated their methods or had to use digital or electronic equipment in their business for employees to perform their job. This has made the work environment complicated and few employees make serious mistakes in in performing their job duties since they are unfamiliar to the new work environment and further, such complex work environment has increased the work pressure or stress and due to this staff turnover has increased. According to Joshi (2013) training refers to act of enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees and which will be given for both new and old employees. On the other hand, development refers to a process by which managers and executives obtain specific competencies and skills in their present job.

Training and development is an important factor for businesses since it helps to improve the quality of the output and the performance of the employees. Further, it helps to save the time which takes to provide the service or to produce the products and due to this overall cost of operation will also be saved. In addition to this, training and development helps employees to improve their competencies, skills and talents. Therefore, businesses give more weight on this function.

Infotainment group of companies use few methods to train and develop their existing staff. They normally use on the job training method to develop the competencies and skills of the employees. They rotate their employees from one job to another job in order for employees to learn existing job process and systems at the Infotainment. Main advantage of this training and development method is that this particular method allow employees to learn overall nature of the process available at Infotainment and which will give proper basics for the employees to perform well in the future. In addition to this, they have specific training program which targets specific job and the main advantage of this method is that allow employees to specialize in particular job and their specialized job can enable them to deliver best outputs in future. According to the Joshi (2013) good training and development program must have following characteristics,

  • Determination of training needs: Based on the requirement of the organization the management should determine the needs that they intend to meet through particular training and development program. When they have preset need for particular training and development program only the management can progress towards the goal they have set to achieve. At Infotainment they understand the requirement of the organization and then set the need of particular training program prior to conduct the training and development program.
  • Relevance to job requirement: Training program must include the matters related to the which are directly related to that particular job requirement and including unnecessary stuffs will not add value to the organization. Infotainment need consider this regard since the company has few unnecessary steps or elements in their training program. They should try to get rid of those non-value adding elements in the training program in order to improve the quality of overall training program.
  • Allowance for individual Differences: the people are different in terms of ability to learn, capacity and other basic soft skills. Therefore, Infotainment must consider these differences prior to design training program.
  • Training program should be result oriented: The Infotainment should set targets that they intends to achieve through training and development program based on the training needs and they should work towards them through these training program.
  • Suitable Incentives: The management should associate attractive incentives to the training and development program in order to encourage employees to participate in the training and development program actively.
  • Management Support: Top management at Infotainment should contribute to the training and development to emphasis the importance of this training and development program for the employees or trainees.

In addition to above discussed matters the management should forge appropriate mechanism to evaluate the output of the training program and through this they will be able to assess the success or failure of the training program. This findings will help them to design and advance and effective training program in future.

Possible Theories The Infotainment Can Use to Improve the Value of Human Resource Management at Infotainment.

There are many theories which have been suggested by the scholars to apply in the business organization in motivating employees who work for particular organization. Among those theories suggested by the scholars, the Mc Gregor’s “Theory X and Theory Y”, Herzberg two factor theory and Maslow’s need hierarchy theory are well known and mostly practiced by the corporate and businesses.

Maslow’s need hierarchy

Maslow introduced a theory which he explained through pyramid or hierarchy. Maslow’s need hierarchy theory explains the human behavior in terms of type of needs and the way the move to next step of their needs. Human needs are unlimited and which continuously grow as their income and other tastes changes.


Source: www.boundless.com

According to the above pyramid needs are ranked based on the importance of the needs. The most important needs are shown at the bottom and importance of the needs decreases as people progress or move upwards. According to the Maslow’s theory physical needs refers to the basic needs which must be met in order to survive and example for this include food, water, shelter etc… Further, safety and security needs refers that people need a safe and good environment to live peacefully. Social needs or love or belonging needs refers to that the people expect that they should be part of the society and society should take care of them. Self-esteem needs refers to that people expect respect from others and they highly concern about their social status. Self-actualization needs is the ultimate level of need that human wants to achieve in his life. Further, at this stage people want to reach to their maximum potential point in the life time.

Herzberg two factor theory or Herzberg: Motivation Hygiene Theory.

According to Herzberg there are certain factors which lead to motivate people and there are certain other factors which will not motivate them instead those factors will lead to job dissatisfaction. He has classified these factors as motivation factors and the hygiene factors. According to Herzberg, motivation factors includes following, the actual value of work, the degree of career achievement, the intellectual challenge of work, the actual level of job responsibility and the opportunity for promotion. Favorable changes or movements in these factors will satisfy the employees and motivate them to perform well for the organization. In contrast, hygiene factors include the restriction of management policies and procedure, Job conditions, salary structures, work environment, relationship with management and nature of control through supervision. All these factors under hygiene factors capable of dissatisfying employees and organization must consider to reduce those factors. This theory is easy to apply and practiced by most of the organization in the industry.


McGregor’s “Theory X and Theory Y”

According to McGregor’s there are two elements of management attitude towards employees in the work place. These elements will have an influence on the level of employees’ motivation in the work place. According to this theory the Theory X includes following,

Theory X Elements: Characteristic assumptions of managers behaving in this “mode” are:

  • The average person is basically lazy and dislikes work.
  • People at work at need to be forced, controlled, directed and threatened.
  • The average person avoids responsibility and prefers to be directed.

McGregor stated that type of approach not suitable to practice in modern organizations.

Theory Y Elements: Characteristic assumptions of managers behaving in this “mode” are:

  • Work is as natural as recreation and the rest.
  • People will exercise “self-direction and control” to achieve objectives to which they are committed.
  • Commitment to objectives is related to satisfaction of achievement.
  • If conditions are right, average person at work will seek and accept responsibility. (Joshi,2013)

This a good approach to follow since this has been developed based on the work place practices in modern organizational settings. Further, this approach is almost similar to participative approach of management. Here, employees have equal chance to show their capabilities and capacities to management and management will consider them in determining promotions.

Based on the theories we discussed above the author can suggest a hybrid theory which includes maters which need to considered in motivating employees at Infotainment Group of companies. First they should consider the need of employees. In other words, they should understand the present requirements of the employees and their current living standards and life style of the employees. Further, the management should remove the work place barriers which restrict employees to perform freely and happily. Further, in decision making and managing the business the top management should enable the employees to contributed to the management’s strategy creation process. Finally, they should establish an attractive reward system and they also can restructure their job in order to motivate employees to perform well in their job.

Characteristics of Effective Leaders

The company should have flexible and friendly approach in managing human resources in the organization. It is important to understand the profile of the employees prior to determine the way in which they need to be treated. When deal with human the management should make sure that they everything perfect from their side in order to avoid unnecessary problems and to avoid pressures from external authorities. Further, the business should organize its organizational structure in a manner which that promote healthy professional and personal relationship between the management and the employees of the organization. For this purposes the organizations normally appoint leaders for their division. Leaders have their responsibility to manage human resources which they have and they have the responsibility to create good work place harmony in the organization.

Leaders can play an important role in creating better work place which appreciate and respect everyone and ultimately which helps the organization to achieve its pre-set business goals. Further, a good leader should be able to ensure efficient and effective use of resources and they should be able to control and guide the employees in achieving organization objectives and ultimate goal. Further, as a leader of the unit or business the leader should encourage and motivate employees to progress towards the success. Business environment in which the business organization operates is dynamic and therefore the business should make necessary steps to deal with the unexpected changes in the business. In addition to this, the leader should be flexible enough to make decisions by considering the nature of the change and for this he should be prepared in advance by having alternative plans.

Communication is an important part of leadership in managing people. A good leader should be able to communicate the nature of goal to be achieved and how business intends to achieve them and what are the duties or roles or responsibility of employees to achieve them to the entire work force of the particular division in the organization or to the entire organization. Further, leaders at Infotainment group of companies should be able to assess the risk of business and should be patient in dealing with risks and issues that might influence the business. Further, the great leader should be able to think strategically and act appropriately to the situation. If a situation demands quick response, then they will react immediately and if a situation demands slow response, then they will deal with that appropriately. Finally, leaders should take the responsibility for what they have done and should be able to assess their own performance as a leaders.


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