Defending Points

Failures of the administrations of the university

It’s obvious that the procedure of ragging has been going on in the university for years. Even though the marshals are aware of this situation, there were no actions taken against ragging so far. Thus we can say that if the authorities had taken this matter into their hands, there would have been such kind of situation taken place in the university.

Loopholes in the law.

The law should be practiced and obeyed by everyone. It’s common for every citizen in the country. Therefore it’s unacceptable when the union of a university says that they follow the sub-culture in the university. If the law had been applied to the universities earlier in a correct way, there wouldn’t have been ragging by now. The law should have been empowered as the authorities know that there’s ragging in most of the universities.

The mental health of the students.

It’s a known fact that the way a child had spent his/her childhood could affect that person’s whole life. It’s true that students who are to be registered in a university should do medical checkups about the blood group and physical condition of the student. But, the authority doesn’t pay much attention to the mentality of the student. There’s a high probability that some students might be suffering from mental disorders like depression, inferiority/ superiority complex. So the continuation of ragging could be a consequence of the mental disorders of some students.

Pressure imposed by the seniors.

It’s evident that the fresh year students have to obey the senior students and the senior students have to obey the instructions given by the super senior students. Therefore, we can justify that this situation might have occurred due to the pressure which is overloaded by the senior students of the students who have engaged in ragging.

Is it really ragging?

Even though the court considered this situation as ragging, there’s a possibility that this might not exactly be ragging. First reason is this bullying hasn’t taken place within the university premises. Moreover this hasn’t taken place within the university academic hours. Above all, there is no proof to justify that the victims were taken by the raggers unwillingly. So it’s questionable whether we have accurate proof to point out this situation as ragging.

Against points

Violating the law

Under the Act No 20, 2nd sentence, it’s obvious that ragging is utterly prohibited in Sri Lanka. Therefore violating the rules can be punishable. This might lead to the cancellation of the university studentship of the accused students.

Solid proof

Earlier, though we have encountered various types of ragging, there were no evidences to prove it to the authority. But in this case, there are solid proof like video tape of the procedure of ragging and testimony of the victims which would make it difficult to bail out the accused ones.

Violation of the human rights

If we keep the violation of law by ragging aside and consider the violation of the human rights, there’s a chance that these students would have to be remained imprisoned. Not only physically, they have tortured the 8 victims mentally also. Moreover, the freedom of expressing the ideas and protestation of the mentioned 8 years fresh students are highly violated.

Slippages of the concept of ragging.

The sole purpose of ragging is to make every student feel equal that there’s no difference among them. At least the raggers justify ragging in that manner. But who says that undressing students would make them feel equal? Two or three decades ago, ragging might have been about getting to know each other and living in harmony. But now it’s merely inhumane. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how one human being could treat another human being such an unkind and cruel way. Therefor it’s obvious that there’s a misconception in the procedure of ragging because now it’s only about bullying and torturing.

Other factors

Inaccuracy of data.

There’s a mismatch between the data provided by some media about this incident. In Hiru News, it’s said that this situation took place around 1a.m in a rented place in Megaodakalgamuwa while the Daily news reported that the incident has taken place around 11p.m.

Conclusion: According to the ragging which was launched y 15 students in the 2nd year of the University of Peradeniya , it’s evident that the procedure should be eliminated from the country. It’s clear that what those 15 students did to the fresh year students is inexcusable. There’s no way to justify ragging under any circumstance. Students study really hard to enter to the university and obviously they don’t want to be mentally physically or verbally be abused by a bunch of students who don’t even want to complete the degree. Therefore I thoroughly disagree with the procedure of ragging.