This essay is about what is trade union , to whom it made up for, functions and types of trade unions .Further about 21st century employees , employers and organizations in the world .How these trade unions relevant today ,then and now benefits
and what are the changes .There is a literature review will provide the theories and arguments that have been stated by websites, journalists and authors regarding about then and now trade unions and how its relevant towards today workers . And deeply analysis and came up with conclusion with some recommendations .

According to ( 2018 )Trade unions also named as Labour unions which means in an organization formed of workers towards develop and protect common interest of its members. They help workers to link with management and helps to gain many benefits like fairness of pay, good working environment . Further its included regulation of relations , principles ,collective bargaining and negotiations .

According to ( 2014)There are some types of trade unions ,

A craft union

the simplest form which formed of workers towards same work . As an advantage these workers are develop similar perceptions through identical training and educational background very soon. As an disadvantage workers cannot be easily create a strike . Examples for a these type of unions are International Wood Carver’s Association , Indian Pilots’ Guide ( , 2014)

An industrial union

Different workers on same industry(spared the trouble of bargaining separately ) . They encourage bringing both skilled and unskilled workers closer .As an advantage negotiations easy ( , 2014) .

A General Union

Its formed by skilled and unskilled workers in variety jobs in many types of industries as example cleaners, clerical staff ( ,2018 ) .

According to what is human ( n.d ) There four types of functions of trade unions

Militant Functions

trade unions leads to make greater position for members in relation to their employment such as in ensure wages, secure with standard work as well as great employment .

Fraternal Functions

trade unions help to its members in periods of needed , and increase efficiency of workers . These functions depends on funds. Further promote and protect workers against discriminations, disciplines , confidence .

Social Functions

Activities performed to meet physical needs, undertaking social activities , supply many types of services to members and to the social.

Political functions

Activities performed with a political party, gathering funds , trying to take the help from political parties during strikes .

In the past most of the target groups of trade unions viewed as temporary , short term employees , disable employees , job seekers , retired workers , today in increase to education institutions, small companies , multinational companies and women and students also ( Hantke , 2009 ) .

There are some important recourses for the work of trade unions such as unity (power) , competence ,local base , flexibility , vision , knowledge of internal and external environment ..etc ( Hantke , 2009 ) .

And also there must be objective , structures , Presence , transparency , effectiveness , active membership..etc ( Hantke , 2009 ) .These all groups , resources , facts include in every trade unions . It may be have small change due country , time and the type . But still these facts relevant to 21st century employees .

In the past unions were gave priority to consider about pre-existing unit and made up by diversity .Some common features can indentify , understating current and future possibilities. Then consider as social landscape , develop company community showing reason and procedure . Third, there is a ‘normal’ employment relationship who , full-time candidates for collective organization and representation. Fourth, in most countries where unions first emerged as a popular majority(same as today ) . Union membership often largely excluded women, and insecure ( Hyman, 2002) .

In the present unions seem triangular relationship in industries . Employees, unions, government face to many challenges under reason of globalization , cross culture , multinational companies and their completion ..etc. But today its seem less power and influence , decline of union membership . Internal culture involve and focus in each on groups of workers who are traditionally presented by trade unions, building a paid and volunteer which that the target groups can identify and highly concerns in union agenda ( Hyman, 2002) .

According to Bezprizvanniy (2010) The trade unions came up from industrial revolution . The WFTU (the World Federation of Trade Unions) declared some moments still needed to do on these trade unions .

Like Bezprizvanniy (2010 ) non employer and government has ever resolved working class problems by its own creativity , society divided ( separate ) into classes and trade unions are working towards class .Today workers running through money , no good working conditions then trade unionism comes to help them .

According to Hantke (2009 ) , Today the Function of Trade Unions are influence by politics . Actually it seem as a political units . As a example most of the trade unions of central and Eastern Europe has form to political tasks . These unions are represent interests of independent parties and political groups rather than of their own interests .The ideas were taken according politically . Because of it no competition with social organizations , membership only for wage earners , old unions are become down in ones luck, old unions were not powerful , decentralized ( mostly in Western European countries ) . As a result of it most of workers in small companies , join on volunteer basis ( like inter-trade ) and workers in powerful companies are representation structures

As noted by Hyman, (2002) The 21st century trade unions are face for the old dilemmas in new forms. Which represent the qualified high people , the core workforce ,clerical employees external employment. These unions are give priority to core group interests as more theoretical than real. Unions are process by specialist expertise in research, collecting education and information to gain knowledge throughout the organization Strategy depends on organizational structures and traditions .

Today Trade unionism based on political agendas. (seem like key political problems ) . As result of this many countries (such as in South Africa, Brazil ) have political attacks to trade unions which impact on long-term established union systems ( Hyman, 2002) .

As noted by bezprizvanniy ( 2010 ) As example South East and East of England (2006 ) viewed lowest level of union density. In UK 20 – 25% of the workforce in competitive industries are joined in trade unions . Since in 1980’s , in UK , Denmark and Finland union members of all employees is declining .Today ongoing strikes when it is needed and continue to labours ’ interests .

Further example the British Airways’ strike and the object the actions in the Railway sector to protect rights of the workers such as in the current cuts, due to crisis ( bezprizvanniy , 2010).

Trade unions of Bulgaria impact on the post-communist system . In 1993 there are more than 2 million were union members. Before 1991 unions became as a active role in the political wars but after 1991 trade unions are not supporting political parties, they still act on government policies . Today impact on the Economic and Social Council (ESC) and promote for the strikes when the rights of the workers are violated and towards poor law which is introduced by the Parliament ( bezprizvanniy , 2010).

In Asia and pacific countries seems opposite side if this. Lack of strong trade unions . Because of the lack of knowledge , literacy , resources ( in human resources , financial.. etc ) , high poverty rate , poor labour laws , policies …. etc ( Ishibashi , n.d ) .As noted by Baron (2016) today have more access to technology tools that give each voice outside the corporate walls , sharing , searching , add experiences about work , life environments and review people’s statues .

Earlier workers cannot express voice openly because there is a processes . like , many employees’ inboxes overflow with emails but feedback gives once a year.(at annual employee survey). But today Organizations understand about collaboration , leave fear..etc .Now there is ongoing conversations and feedback no more annual employee survey .The 21st-century employees don’t have a proper work life balance , no retirements, do different things . As examples 50% of U.S. workers will be free agents by 2020 (Baron , 2016) .

Today world is globalization ,as resulted of it there is diversity of workforce , competitive market variety ways to access to information and gain knowledge, skills, experiences .Organization also adopt to these changes and attracting, developing and retaining staff according to it ( Coetzee and Gunz , 2012 ) .

To assert Coetzee and Gunz ( 2012 , p.1 ) “changes require workers to develop career-related skills and competencies that differ substantially from the knowledge and abilities required by 20th century occupations . As argues Wilkinson ( 2018 ) Chief of Today workers needed representation because it is seem unions and workers not act as earlier and trade unions form up with new contracts and through the casualism .

Today trade union membership has long decline because of low-pay , underemployment , lack of attention given to parenting ,no workplace flexibility , the political context has changed in recently ( Wilkinson, 2018) .

Today trade union membership has long decline because of low-pay , underemployment , lack of attention given to parenting ,no workplace flexibility , the political context has changed in recently ( Wilkinson, 2018 ) .

Further trade unions are face for the decrease of large scale production structures, increase on small and medium businesses, the development of a growing service sector ( Hantke , 2009) .

According to Kelly (2017) As example in Britain , union membership now stands at just 23.5% of employees, Private sector membership is 13% but it will fall to 17% of those in work by 2030 . British labour movement down fast . Public concerns about low pay and about the quality of work and political parties are competing on political proposals to regulate the jobs market .

As example in there on Wednesday show union membership fell by than a quarter of million. Employers who in flexible market economies find out new ways of shifting risk towards workforce .Today traditional trade unions battle with new generation . Young workers engage and get support with social media . But there are more matters in union free world . And today seem uncertainty trade unions , however in future this trade union made up for new reason such as generational equity (Kelly , 2017) .

As note by Ozimek (2012) Though workers have to prove about value of them and trust- worthy towards employers for make a trade unions at work place . As well as some union interest in fact of health , safety . Employers should recognize about each unions in an organization to make safe work environment and to increase productivity.

Most trade unions of European has adopt to business and economical environment changes than the transition countries . But still there is a barriers to joining with unions and stand up for their rights. Such as only wide interests groups ( certain minimum employees) only creating unions . So its resulted to limit themselves to promote add more members . But there are number of legal limitations on trade unions in certain professional fields like police, public service sectors . Employers are trying to escape from that joining trade unions (Ozimek , 2012) .

In multinational companies attract workers by offering many benefits and limit to joining with trade unions. Workers who are in fear of losing their jobs will then refuse to join a union ( Hantke , 2009) .

To assert Nowak ( 2015, p. 688 ) “Viewed against the backdrop of the past 50 years, trade unionism now stands at a historically important crossroads. What, if anything, does the post-1964 period tell about what the future might hold for organized labour? any lessons from the past 50 years that unions could apply in the context of today’s rapidly evolving economy and labour market . Fundamentally what are the prospects for a renewal of trade union organization in the future ”

Today trade union discussions about best practice as examples exist with Ideas at present , will implement the projects at next day ,and finally discuss the statutes at later ,further remake discussions , restricted by laws , introduce new structures , approaches ..etc (Hantke , 2009) .

It may be not a 100% good solution , but match with today generation and also trying to remake new form of trade unions through earlier , additional experiences .Tuner et al ( 2018 ) some trade union still relevant to in these days. Better example is in Ireland but freedom for workers to choose collective bargaining is very limit .And seem imbalance between employees and employers through trade unions .

At the first introduction , attention about trade unions , types and functions that showed trade unions are very much import to employees as well as employers and organization around the world . Today also seem same type of trade unions such as craft union , industrial union . Continue with same procedure but some small changes . When consider about the functions , toady mostly trade unions work on political functions. In the past and present trade unions differ with this political fact. Political interests, parties influence ,modern political systems..etc , as a example today strikes doing to political interests rather than workers interests . Further today no work-life balance so it is resulted generate few expectation. Today ‘ voice ‘ of workers go through social media rather than trade unions so its resulted to down the gain membership of trade unions and no more interest in young generation . And also there seem negative impact on unions .Today educational institutions also have some kind types of trade unions and also women and children also work a member of it .

So I think today , trade unions have to protect working rights of workers rather than consider about political interests . They have to link with new generation ,have to teach them , have to give a great publicity , face for the challenges such as new technology , fluctuations (changes ) of business and economic environments also , then they can take many new ideas and can come up with new form trade unions with same procedures.

Finally I can concluded to question which asked as No , because there are some principles tasks are already founded and some are gaining from outside and help to ensure about union’s future .

Through the working environment, employment conditions structure the trade unions towards meet again past trade unions’ objectives in the late . Trade unions have to act on interests of workers rather than act on political interests .Have to be powerful towards political influence . Trade union needed reform in new way which very strong , continuously view but in same procedure which helps to inertest of workers to gain benefits what they seeking , have to link with management , internal and external parties , and have to add new generation .


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