SHDE Holdings is an electrical supplier with a regional repair centres and shops. This company is currently facing communication problems with regards to customer service and their satisfaction on the company. Though they have been operated since 10 years of time, currently they are experiencing high customer complaints and labour turnover. Through this report have analysing this problem and has given reasonable solutions for the problem using practical aspects of business communication.

Key Functions of SHDE Holding

Broadly defined our areas of activity in trading can be categorized in the following areas:

  • Protection switchgear & related accessories
  • Motor control gear & related accessories
  • Architectural, Industrial & Commercial Lighting
  • A wide range of special application cables & accessories
  • Measuring Instruments & industrial monitoring systems
  • Urn key Lightning & Surge Protection
  • Industrial Power Electronics & Turnkey Automation
  • Plus several others

Goal is to provide products and services that improve industrial electrical productivity, performance, precision, reliability, and serviceability. To this end with untiring effort, they continued our relentless search for more sophisticated and technologically advanced electrical equipment and expanded our supply base to meet the growing market requirements.


  • Show mutual respect in all our interactions
  • Empower people to strive for excellence
  • Inculcate positive thinking
  • Treasure integrity and ethical conduct
  • Foster diversity as a corporate strength

Task 01

Communication practices and Its Benefits for an Organization

Communication practices are very important for every organization for managing their day to day works and to achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

Communication Process

Z:\Printout\Assi\communication Process.jpg Communication is a process. In order to have an effective communication that process should be strong. That type of communication process can show as follow.


When considering above communication process we can see there is a strong relationship among the parties of communication process. That process can describe simply as follow.

  • A sender encodes information
  • The sender selects a channel of communication by which to send the message
  • The Receiver Receive the massage
  • The Receiver decodes the massage
  • The receiver may provide feedback to sender.

Type of Communication

There are different types of communication modes which could use for different purposes, it can be differ from work to work. When working in an organization communication has a major impact towards the work. Mainly we can see two type of communication method. Such as, verbal communication method, Nonverbal communication method. It can show as follow.


Verbal Communication / Oral

Non Verbal Communication

Body Language


Oral Communication

Oral communication could be said to be the most used form of communication. Whether it is to present some important data to your colleagues or lead a boardroom meeting, these skills are vital. We are constantly using words verbally to inform our subordinates of a decision, provide information, and so on. This is done either by phone or face-to-face. This shows therefore that you would need to cultivate both your listening and speaking skills, as you would have to carry out both roles in the workplace, with different people.

Written Communication

Writing is used when you have to provide detailed information such as figures and facts, even while giving a presentation. It is also generally used to send documents and other important material to stakeholders which could then be stored for later use as it can be referred to easily as it is recorded. Other important documents such as contracts, memos and minutes of meetings are also in written form for this purpose. It can be seen in recent years, however, that verbal communication has been replaced to a great extent by a faster form of written communication and that is email.

Body Language

Although the most common methods of communication are carried out orally or in writing, when it comes to management techniques, the power of non-verbal communication must never be underestimated. Persons smile, gestures and several other body movements send out a message to the people around you. Person need to be mindful of this while dealing with your employees and customers. Always remember to maintain eye contact. This would show that you are serious and confident about what is being said

Furthermore under this section one have analyze how communication practices important for organization and how its help to minimizing the organizational errors. When analyzing that it has go through the with covered following sub sections.

  1. Analysis of the benefits of effective communication
  2. The policies and procedures that are used to enhance communication within organizations
  3. The impact of legislation relevant to communication people within organization
  4. Impact of organizational structures on the communication method used.

After analyzing above four sub sections, based on those results the final recommendation has given for SHDE Holdings. The analysis part has gone discuss with following paragraphs.

Analysis of the benefits of effective communication

Every effective communication can identify through verbal and nonverbal. Both of those communication patterns help to understanding the internal, external environment and establish good relationship between organizational objectives. However commonly we can recognize following type of benefits can receive to organization through effective communication.

Benefits of Effective communication

Enhance Professional Image

Increasing employee awareness

Improving business relationship

Strong Decision making

Improved customer relationship

Quicker Problem


Lesser misunderstanding

Increased Productivity

The above diagram clearly shows what the benefits of effective communication are. Those are the internal benefits of communication. As well as most of the external benefits can get through the effective communication system. Such as,

Build good relationship with external practices.

Improve organizational external image (goodwill).

Easy to catch new opportunities

Easy to identify customer needs and wants

The policies and procedures that are used to enhance communication within organizations

Every time set of policies and procedures are help to achieve organizational long term goals and objectives. As well as other side those policies and procedures are using enhance the communication within organization. In present context most of the organizations have policies and procedures to transfer their information. So those procedures help to ensure that information goes to the correct person and correct place. When considering selected organization they can use following type of policies and procedures to enhance their communication system. All of those policies and procedures can present from following table.

Written CommunicationVerbal communication
Policies and proceduresPolicies and procedures
Email, letters and faxesHandovers
Forms, reports and memosTelephone
Minuts and agendas for meetingMeetings
Technical and procedural manuals
Workplace signs
Whiteboard and pin up boards

If the SHDE Holdings can use above type of policies and procedures for their communication they can enhance the value of organizational communication system. It will be helps to minimizing the errors and archiving the organizational goals and objectives.

The impact of legislation relevant to communication people within organization

When considering HNB Assurance they using following outline legislations to ensure the success of communication process.

  1. Data Protection Act 1998
  2. The Companies Act 2007
  3. Employment Relations Act 1996
  4. Freedom of Information Act

Impact of organizational structures on the communication method used.

Organizational structures

Communication method

Organizational structure directly affects to decide the methods of communication. All of the communication, whether it goes through levels of organizational authority or among employees directly affected by how organization is structured. Following organizations are affects to decide communication methods as this.

Functional Organizational Structure

The functional organizational structure is sometimes referred to as a strict hierarchical structure. An employee organizational chart is an example of a hierarchy. There is no ambiguity as to lines of authority in this structure, as it clearly outlines who employees report to directly, with one top executive such as the CEO. This structure is particularly useful in times of crises or other scenarios where an organization needs to control its communication.

Flat Organizational Structure

Sometimes referred to as a horizontal structure, the flat organizational structure is most common in smaller companies in which the primary executive or CEO has direct lines of communication with all employees. There are no gatekeepers controlling information as there are fewer middle management employees. This structure generally allows for both internal and external communication to flow freely, and empower employees with access to relevant information. It can also be detrimental if unauthorized employees speak to the media, or information leaks externally about product development, for example. rough gatekeepers who manage it both internally and externally.

Team work practices for an effective communication system

Team works are very important to success of every organization. Teamwork conducts by different people and different groups together to maximize their efficiency and reach a common goal.

Benefits of team work
Individual benefitsorganizational benefits
Improve the members moralCost effective benefits
Build TrustIncreasing Innovation
superior work experience for team membersHigh productivity
Improves understanding of othersReduces the wastage of time
Enables sharing of expertiseEasy to achieve goals and objectives
Improving the working knowledgecreates higher quality outcomes

The primary benefit of teamwork is that it allows an organization to achieve something that an individual working alone cannot. When considering selected organization HNB assurance they have good team work.

So the company can introduce some team work promotional system for their customers and employees as this. Team work programmes also build high positive mind between customers and suppliers.

Thus, the employees are rewarded and recognized at various levels including the Annual Chairman’s Award which is the most significant award out of many. During the decade long journey, the employees have contributed immensely and have grown steadily with the Company.

The Employee Engagement Programmes ensure that the employees are the core of the organization and everything else rallies around them. We also believe that investing in employee development would offer the best return which will also lead to a core competency in future.

Many events and programmes are organized throughout the year to enhance employee morale, creativity and to publicise other talents & skills of the employees. All Employees look forward to corporate events such as the quiz competition, sports day, theatre day, talent show, etc.

However as results of following reasons teams fail to meet their objectives.

  1. Lack of explanation: there needs to be an initial explanation of the business case for change and the purpose of working together in a new way.
  2. Lack of envisioning: without a clear vision of what the future will look like there is nothing to go toward.
  3. Lack of resources: without buy-in as to what will be needed to get to the vision of the future, people feel they are only going to have one oar to row the boat.
  4. Lack of accountability: need for specific and structured way to make sure people say what they mean and do what they say.
  5. Lack of planning: must have specific team action plans and deadlines that are possible to reach, even if they have to stretch.


Impact of Support structures for success

The support structure designed for supporting people within workplace. Mainly HR department provide high services for improving the company employees. According to selected organization has formulated high valuable HR department with supporting structure. Those structure help to employees identify their positions and motivating for their functions. As well as when establishing communication system for an organization, the structure is very valuable success for the communication process. This is a one of the example for a supporting structure. If company can develop supporting structure they can use following type of diagram.

As well as company HR department should design supporting policies and procedures to manage their employee and developing their attitudes of their job life. Such as,

  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Discipline and grievance procedures
  • Code of conduct – organizational rules specific to organizational employee
  • Statutory policies.

As well as when decide policies it should include following qualities.

  • Easily understood and written in plan
  • Linked to organizational strategies
  • Flexible and can adopt to change
  • Suited to the culture of the organization
  • Communicate all relevant people

Conclusion & Recommendations


Base on above analysis results can decide communication is an essential part for success of a business. As well as every organization should give their attention for maintain their communication system for build link between internal and external parties. So final conclusion is Business communication directly affecting for success of every business.


Base on all of those analyzed sections results we can suggest the following recommendation practices for SHDE Holdings.

  • To increasing Customer relationship,

To build the customers relationship organization can use following type of communication practices.

PurposeMode of communication
To build the trust of the customer towards the company

To inform the product details to the customer

To negotiate about the price and the quality of the product

To build the relationship with the customer

To have meetings within the company

To discuss the problems with customers


  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Conversations
To confirm the orders

To inform the product details to the customers and Suppliers

To have a formal communication with the customers

To get the authorizations from the relevant people

To record the details and refer it later


  • E mails
  • Letters
  • Memos
  • Leaflets
To greet customers

To build relationship with the customers

To properly identify the customer needs

To provide good customer service

Non Verbal

  • Listing
  • Handshaking

Hence in order build the company image through effective communication and customer service, I have listed some areas which other organizations use, and it has helped them to attract and retain more customers within the organization

  • Planning programmes for identify company target customers and their behaviour.
  • State regular contact with customers. (Unbroken communication system)
  • Most of the organizations currently have a customer care unit so that they only focus on customers and their issues. Such as call center.
  • Be patient with customers since every customers are not the same
  • Be careful with the voice tone as it could affect customers to leave the company
  • Be careful with the spellings when writing emails, letters and notes, because it can be affect for the company image
  • Practice inbound marketing.

Traditional ‘Outbound Marketing’ has focused on going to where customers live and interrupting their day to show them your products and services (i.e. TV ads, blanket emails). When you practice Inbound Marketing, customers come to you. It’s commonly known as ‘pull-marketing’ as opposed to ‘push-marketing’ and is a great tactic to help with building customer relationships.

  • Most of the companies have customer complaint box so that organization could identify the level of the customer service
  • To minimizing their problems and improve Employees attitudes,
  • Company can improve the quality of their communication process. For ensure that they can use email, letters and faxes, forms, reports and memos methods.
  • As well as they can introduce the new policies and procedures or communication process to maintain quality communication process.
  • The company can restructure their organization structure according to company new changes. In this they can divide authority through their employees. For that they can use management methods such as decentralization.
  • They can use suitable leadership style for managing their employees.
  • If they can introduce new promotional methods for their customers using internet , Social medias it can be successful.
  • If SHDE Holdings can introduce team work practices for their company employees it will be help to improving staff motivation and reducing the poor morale.
  • They can introduce motivation programs for their staffs.
  • They can use working practices for improving the quality of the works of employees. Such as Email, Skype.
  • They can introduce suitable remote working methods to company. Such as Skype, Email group, Web site
  • Reorganized/ reformulate HR department
  • Design the new HR policies and procedures for employees. Such as,

Equal opportunities policy

Employee recruitment policies