1. Introduction of Heritance Kandalama

Heritance Kandalama is being managed by well-known Sri Lankan blue chip company, Aitken Spence PLC. The Hospitality Sector is a one out of four operation of Aitken Spence’s Services, logistic solution and strategic investment are theirs other operations.

Under Services they operate Destination Kandalama hotel client base is ecofriendly travelers who are looking for mouthwatering food extravaganza, serene privacy, luxury and unique experiences. It attracts vast and reputed client tail by providing unique splendid luxury facilities and services. It has a wide European market for the majority with guest also visiting from the rest of the world. Nature lovers, eco-friendly business travelers, honeymooners, families with kids, adventures, cultural and leisure tourists are main visitors of them. Management which enhances dramatically their hotel operations. Destination management providing the entire facilities under one roof needed for the destination travelers.

“Heritance” is the famous brand of Aitken Spence’s. The meaning of ‘Heritance’ is the combination of Heritage and Inheritance.

Heritance Kandalama is an example of blend of Sri Lankan heritage, inherits and wild life. It is a luxurious 5 star ecofriendly hotel, superiorly architected by world famous Geffory Bava. Heritance Kandalma is the first best Eco conceptual hotel in Sri Lanka and only a few in Asia.

1.1 Main Target Markets of Heritance Kandalama

Eco & Nature Lovers, Adventures, Cultural Tourist, Love & Romance Responsible Tourists Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning for Heritance Kandalama.

Heritance Kandalama cater to Eco friendly, sustainable and nature conscious luxury market segments. Their client tails are wild life and nature lovers, love and romance, cultural tourists, leisure and adventure tourists and responsible tourists, who looking for mouthwatering food, serene privacy, luxury and unique experience. Kandalama has differentiate target markets according to their own strong marketing mix, such as culture triangle excursions and involving guest in community service to promote responsible tourism.

Main Targets; Honeymoon Package, Excursions, Cultural Activities & Cultural triangle tours, Green philosophy, CSR concern guest.

1.2 Product

152 five star luxuries room with 7 categories, 3 unique restaurants, pool bars and Kandalama style cousins, Six sense spa with all beauty treatments, 3 unique pools in and our door sport facilities, Library and bushiness center, Excursions include cultural triangle, shopping arcade and a fabulous nature garden overlooking the Kandalama lake with numerous flora and fauna. Activities such as bird watching, trekking, boat trip, horse and elephant riding.

1.3 Brand & Brand Strategies of Heritance Kandalama

Heritance Kandalma is a five star luxury resort hotel situated overlooking of Kandalma Lake and surround by five of UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are hundreds of luxury resorts in the world wide and same as in Sri Lanka, but however Heritance Kandalma brand is differtiate from its competitors and deliver brand values to its loyal customers. HK hotel extend their services under ‘Heritance’ brand mean Heritage and Inheritance and their value proposition ‘Where Tradition Alive’

Image: ‘Heritance’ brand name, Location of Hotel

Design Style: Geffry Bava’s Green Concept architecture engraving to rocks, flora & fauna with minimum impact on its natural environment

Logo: Brownish antique letters give Cultural feeling to the Heritance Kandalma logo

1.4 Current Use of Digital Technologies used for Marketing

Heritance Kandalama gaining higher customer retention and new customer bases through networking, digital marketing and relationship marketing.

They have attractive and informative up to date websites, social network such facebook and twitter, blogs, virtual e-marketing such video clip in you tube, however this is one of marketing tool that still they have not taken fully advantage and there are lots of potential they can explore and use in their marketing mix. In three area they can use electronic media for retain existing customer and to attract new customers.

E-Business – Heritance Kandalama is using computerized system to communicate through the interdepartmental as well as with Aitken Spence corporate sector. MS office, Data base management system (Fidelio), e-recruitments and for other communications.

E-marketing – Heritance Kandalama providing information of their services and products, packages, online reservation and customer feedback through their official website, social networks, and other marketing websites.

E-commerce – Heritance Kandalama official website is having online reservations and best available rates, and associated with other booking engines they are having massive markets, such as through Last minute booking.com, Agoda and trip adviser.

1.5 My Job Role in the Heritance Kandalama

My position was described in the contract as a Door/Lobby Attendant. Other than standing outside of the hotel and waiting for guests, my duties included welcoming guests, valet parking their car, helping into and out of the hotel with luggage, escorting the guests up to their room and explain the features of the rooms to them, providing help with directions, and ticket or table bookings upon request.

2. New Technologies from the Digital Marketing Environment

2.1 Big Data

Big Data first hit the big time for hospitality in 2015. At this time, advances in Heritance Kandalama hotel marketing and merchandising began enabling hotel to use Big Data to pinpoint shoppers by source market geography and demographic details. These Big Data resources exceeded the capabilities of a hotel’s website, which had previously provided hotels with these insights.

All of a sudden, Heritance Kandalama hotel were able to send the ideal promotions, display ads, emails, and OTA ads to precisely the right markets at precisely the right moments. It also gave hotel the ability to fine-tune their most critical functions, such as distribution and pricing. It also started proving its value in marketing by optimizing a hotel’s performance on its social channels, digital properties, email communications, and online review sites.

In 2016, expect more hotels to welcome Big Data as it evolves into a practical tool for gaining greater results and revenue. Big Data will prove itself by providing Heritance Kandalama hotel marketing directors with real-time, reliable data for making the most effective and efficient decisions.

The trend toward accepting Big Data will be driven by larger independent Heritance Kandalama and smaller chains. This is because the success of these segments largely depends on their ability to be innovative and increase revenue despite higher third-party costs and limited distribution access. Their smaller size also makes it easier for them to adapt their operations rather quickly.

These segments’ acceptance of Big Data will soon ripple throughout the industry and make Big Data into big business for hotels of all sizes and scopes.

2.2 Real Time Marketing

Today, leading hotel like Heritance Kandalama are using real-time marketing with great success. From Heritance Kandalama, real-time marketing is an investment made to convert fleeting opportunities into profitable customer interactions that increase bottom-line revenue and build strong customer relationships.

Here are example of winning real-time marketing strategie in Heritance Kandalama.

Heritance Kandalama organization is using real-time execution as an important component of its overall marketing strategy to build customer dialogues, enhance loyalty and, ultimately, increase the amount of money spent during each hotel visit. Upon making a reservation, a guest receives a confirmation email delivered in a matter of minutes summarizing his reservation with a tailored up-sell offer. Forty-eight hours prior to the visit, he receives another email listing the activities available at the hotel during his stay, as well as a promotion to encourage participation. The promotion is based on historical customer data, preferences, and predictive analysis. When the guest checks in, he receives a tailored letter summarizing the daily activities and, again, coupons to participate.

Lastly, after check-out, the individual is contacted through their preferred channel to gather information pertaining to the visit as well as to encourage future visits. This timely, relevant and optimized dialogue communication strategy has increased customer loyalty while increasing the average revenue generated per visit. The investment in a flexible and scalable real-time solution that integrates with a marketing technology platform that handles not only real-time activities but also periodic and transactional activities has resulted in significant ROI and impressive bottom-line results.


Today’s digital consumer is articulate and demanding, driving global conversations on company’s products and services, influencing brand image and bottom line like never before. It’s no wonder then that enterprises are looking for ways to build long-term productive relationships with their consumers to succeed in the digital marketplace.

A comprehensive digital marketing solution – that helps engage with the consumer, influence their opinions, provide relevant feedback, reach various demographics, and glean actionable insights – thus becomes critical to a successful corporate strategy.

The Heritance Kandalama digital marketing strategy provides success solutions to tourists seeking to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness in their digital marketing efforts.


With the feature digital technology, in digital marketing, the advertiser easily comes to know how many times and how long the campaign has been showed on internet, also it comes to know how many people have seen this campaign, how many responses have received, and how many purchases have been made though online mode. With this fast-end technology, marketing of any particular products becomes easier, the consumers’ convenience become possible and the organization makes huge profits, too.

Big data can be a powerful tool for Heritance Kandalama hotel marketers as they create messages for Facebook, Twitter and email campaigns.


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