New Technologies from the Digital Marketing Environment

Big Data

Big Data first hit the big time for hospitality in 2015. At this time, advances in Heritance Kandalama hotel marketing and merchandising began enabling hotel to use Big Data to pinpoint shoppers by source market geography and demographic details. These Big Data resources exceeded the capabilities of a hotel’s website, which had previously provided hotels with these insights.

All of a sudden, Heritance Kandalama hotel were able to send the ideal promotions, display ads, emails, and OTA ads to precisely the right markets at precisely the right moments. It also gave hotel the ability to fine-tune their most critical functions, such as distribution and pricing. It also started proving its value in marketing by optimizing a hotel’s performance on its social channels, digital properties, email communications, and online review sites.


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In 2016,

Expect more hotels to welcome Big Data as it evolves into a practical tool for gaining greater results and revenue. Big Data will prove itself by providing Heritance Kandalama hotel marketing directors with real-time, reliable data for making the most effective and efficient decisions.

The trend toward accepting Big Data will be driven by larger independent Heritance Kandalama and smaller chains. This is because the success of these segments largely depends on their ability to be innovative and increase revenue despite higher third-party costs and limited distribution access. Their smaller size also makes it easier for them to adapt their operations rather quickly.

These segments’ acceptance of Big Data will soon ripple throughout the industry and make Big Data into big business for hotels of all sizes and scopes.

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Real Time Marketing

Today, leading hotel like Heritance Kandalama are using real-time marketing with great success. From Heritance Kandalama, real-time marketing is an investment made to convert fleeting opportunities into profitable customer interactions that increase bottom-line revenue and build strong customer relationships.

Here are example of winning real-time marketing strategie in Heritance Kandalama.

Heritance Kandalama organization is using real-time execution as an important component of its overall marketing strategy to build customer dialogues, enhance loyalty and, ultimately, increase the amount of money spent during each hotel visit. Upon making a reservation, a guest receives a confirmation email delivered in a matter of minutes summarizing his reservation with a tailored up-sell offer. Forty-eight hours prior to the visit, he receives another email listing the activities available at the hotel during his stay, as well as a promotion to encourage participation. The promotion is based on historical customer data, preferences, and predictive analysis. When the guest checks in, he receives a tailored letter summarizing the daily activities and, again, coupons to participate.

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Lastly, after check-out, the individual is contacted through their preferred channel to gather information pertaining to the visit as well as to encourage future visits. This timely, relevant and optimized dialogue communication strategy has increased customer loyalty while increasing the average revenue generated per visit. The investment in a flexible and scalable real-time solution that integrates with a marketing technology platform that handles not only real-time activities but also periodic and transactional activities has resulted in significant ROI and impressive bottom-line results.

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