Task 02

Communication practices

1.1 Benefits of effective communication at Century Ltd.

  • Effective communication at Century Ltd will help to improve employee morale, healthy and friendly work environment and keep employees update with new decisions.
  • Effective work place communication will help to avoid cultural confusion and miscommunication with the employees those who come work from different cultures, religions, languages and backgrounds.
  • Effective communication will support to form efficient teams where employees will work together harmoniously, become more productive, responsible, accountable and with positive relationships.
  • This will help to increase the productivity, errors and frauds to decrease and facilitates the routine operations to run smoother in Century Ltd
  • Employees will always appreciate better communication and this will partly support to satisfy with their work and this will encourage them to perform duties with a positive attitude.

1.2 The policies and procedures used to enhance communication within Century Ltd.

These are some of the examples used regarding policies and procedures at Century Ltd.

  • Staffs should communicate only accurate information.
  • Employee should carry his issues direct to his immediate superior before carrying to the top level.
  • Conflicting talks are not allowed within the organization.
  • Superiors should protect confidential information regarding their responsible staffs.

Example: Telephone use:

  • Intercoms should be answered within 3 rings.
  • Good morning/Good afternoon salutations and the name must be used each time.
  • Should speak clearly and at a speed.
  • Have to write any information down while listening on the company memo pad.
  • Ending the phone call with providing a proper response.
  • Calling back with solutions.
  • Taking necessary actions regarding complains.

1.3 Outline of legislation relevant to communication within Century Ltd and their impacts on people within Century Ltd.

Though Century Ltd doesn’t use specifically any legislations they are using an outline of it with a general climate. They are:

  • Employees have the right to consult about current and future employment situation and any threats to job and any decisional change that affects working practices.
  • Rights to know the pay, hours to work, deductions, disciplinary rules and receiving the terms and conditions of his job.
  • Suggestions and complains can be made on health and safety.
  • Any issues can be bring in to the attention of higher authorities.

This will provide employees with their basic job information such as promotions, probation period, gross pays, fixed deductions and net pay. This helps employees to get consultation even regarding their private issues and also this supports to enhance employee relationship and enhances the positive working climate.

1.4 Impacts of Century Ltd.’s organization structure on the communication methods used.

Century Ltd.’s organization structures become helpful to identify the correct line of the communication. The first line of communication of any employee is his/her immediate superior. (Ex: Marketing manager should communicate whatever the issues he has with the senior manager who is his immediate superior)

The given Century Ltd.’s organizational structure will help to identify the immediate superior. The employees can discuss issues with his immediate boss and if the issue is a considerably small then immediate boss will advise and if not the concern will be taken to the next level. (Ex: Marketing Manager Senior ManagerGeneral Manager)

Though the employee straightly carries the issue to the top level he will be advised to discuss it with his immediate superior. Complains can be made using bottom to top method and decisions, solutions and commands are passed using top to bottom method.

Figure 1 : Hierarchical structure of Century Ltd