Five form of communication

Abans management decided to restructure and relocation the company to expand the business and increase effectiveness and efficiency. Organizational restructuring is bringing about a fundamental internal change that alters the relationships between different components or elements of an organization (, 2016). The company planned to increase intergradation and efficiency of the company. The relocation is happening to change the physical location to target new market segments in the market (Christersson, 2016). The changes impact to occur negative and positive opinions from stakeholders of the company. Effective communication provides greater support to manage the change within the organization. The management decides to use the following form of communication to achieve the expectations of the company.

Figure – Internal Communication Form

Intrapersonal CommunicationAbans is going to use their chairperson Mrs. Aban Pestonjee to consult the top management about the changes.Conferences, forms, online video conference, letters, ArticlesThe person can share past experiences about the business which supports to guide Abans management to make right decisions.
Interpersonal CommunicationAbans planned to use the managers and the executives to inform about the changes to their subordinates.One to one discussions, email, social media chatIt support to exchange ideas about the changes and collect others suggestions, difficulties and get necessary actions to them.
Group CommunicationAbans used this method to communicate with small number of person which uses to communicate with similar type of stakeholders in the company.Meetings, Group charts, telephone convictions, EmailsIt helps to manage different groups in different manner.

Solve their problems by effective discussions and negotiations.

Public CommunicationAbans used this to communicate with group of people. The company plan to get supports from top level management to the public communication campaign.Holding General meetings to all internal stakeholders, NoticesSame message can deliver to all parties without wasting time. Everyone has equal opportunities to contribute to the changes by giving their suggestion and opinions.
Mass CommunicationAbans used to communicate a single message to all media sites, junk emails, newsletters, Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio advertisementsIt supports to communicate all internal and external stakeholders about the changes and how it will make competitive advantage in the market.

Skills required by the internal communication Manager

Abans’s Internal Communication Manager should have enough skills and competence to communicate proposed changes. Following three skills are important to Abans’s internal communication manager to handle the changes within the organization.

01. Stay on-message

The secret to success is to agree on the core messages and then keep banging away at them over and over again to re-enforce the message (Malone, 2016). Abans is going to restructure and relocation the business in that situation lots of negative word of mouth can occur between the stakeholders. In this situation, Internal Communication Manager needs to communicate the same message two or three times to their stakeholders otherwise informal communication can damage to core messages.

2. Be consistent

Abans Internal Communication Manager need to gain trust from the stakeholders by providing fresh messages, regularly inform about the changes and new decisions of the top management have made.

3. Be collaborative

Internal Communication Manager doesn’t be arrogant with stakeholders and the manager needs to get support from all parties to handle the situations which are important to handle all parties expectations and problems without any frustrations.

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